I-81 Video Series

One of the best ways to prepare for a meaningful dialogue about the future of I-81 is to inform yourself about the issues surrounding this project. To help on this front, SMTC has produced a two-part video series about I-81.


The Evolution of Transportation in the Syracuse Region

This video explores the historical context for the Syracuse region’s transportation infrastructure. The transportation system we know today was influenced by the location of the canals and railways of the past. Like many American cities, Syracuse’s infrastructure development was also impacted by national legislation and highway building trends. This presentation helps you understand the past so that we can set the groundwork for a future that fits our needs. Read more about the history of I-81 here.


Lessons Learned: Case Studies of Urban Freeways

This video presents case studies from other cities that have tackled similar infrastructure challenges. You can learn about the following outcomes from other cities:

  • Reconstructing a highway in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Burying a highway in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Depressing a highway in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Relocating a highway in Providence, Rhode Island
  • Removing a highway in San Francisco, California

Learning about these projects can inform you about The I-81 Challenge and help us explore the costs and benefits of various future options together. Read more about the case studies here.


Come to a public workshop

SMTC and the NYSDOT will be holding the first round of public workshops in early May.  Read More

I-81 Video Series

Check out our new video series about the history of I-81 and other urban highway projects across the US.  Read More

New Blog launched

SMTC launches Blog as another way to reach out to and inform the community about the latest project updates.   Read More

What do we know about I-81?

NYSDOT publishes the first major technical document of The I-81 Challenge, which analyzes existing physical conditions in the I-81 corridor.  Read More

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The I-81 Challenge is now on Facebook. Don't forget to check out the Facebook event page for the upcoming public workshops.  Read More